Fan Comments:

~"A big hooray for a lullaby cd that parents can appreciate! The sultry, sophisticated yet soothing voice of Sara December gives us a taste of a jazz lounge, while putting baby to sleep and at peace. Hallelujah!!!!" -- Laurie Nelson

~"Absolutely gorgeous, amazing voice, perfect songs and always welcome back in your home town in Bend, Oregon!!! We would enjoy your concert in Bend in the future and happy being your fan!!! We will push it for you, love to have you back to Bend even for just an amazing concert!" -- David Langmas

~"I personally have loved your voice since I knew you 20 yrs ago. With your passion and dedication to music, your songs resonate in the ears of listeners. Your sound is clear and romantic and evokes emotion. If I could liken you to a classical singer I might say Ella Fitzgerald or Barbara Streisand. While you are a sound all your own, I think that the quality and dedicated training you have put in over your lifetime of singing have helped to contribute to your own sound. It is soft and clear, passionate and refined. I love your music because it makes you feel loved. Sara, you are a true artist. I'm proud to own a CD and grateful to be blessed with your songs in my home. Any site should be clambering to represent your music. Let your voice be heard. It's angelic." -- Donna Kern

~"Well, the CD's that I received went to a good cause...I used them as a "pay it forward" item and gave some to the Ronald Mcdonald house so that a few mom's could have them for their babies that were in the NICU. Since the Ronald Mcdonald house was there for me, I try to do small things for the next round of families that need to use it too." -- Laurel Nimmo

~"I just listened to "Songbird" you infused your own beautiful interpretation - my ears are happy " -- David Holland

~"It's amazing. SO wonderful, my little princess Marli falls asleep to your sultry sweet voice every night. It's amazing, wonderful lovely, and Sara, thank YOU!!" -- Kendall Messner

~"Fever...oh ya! RE Songbird: Beautiful! You made it your own...that was the bomb, dog! Really, gorgeous!" -- Nancy Coray Krzemien

~"This CD, “In My Arms”, showcases just one aspect of Sara…I’ve heard other facets too. My niece, and great niece, love this CD, but Sara’s rich voice lends itself to many other genres of music too. Don’t stop Sara…you “owe” us. -- Charlie Sandner

Sara December's lullaby CD is now released! Look for her upcoming new projects in San Francisco, revisiting the American art form she loves and singing Jazz!